Zubee Zone Sites

Collect zubee coins at participating sites and trade them for cash. You can also increase your percentage by joining a team, reaching certain achievments or purchasing potions in the marketplace.

To boost your percent you can take part in the surf party. You will need to surf at 3 participating sites and every 57 pages at each site you can claim a dancer  and collect a silver, gold or diamond coin. You can collect 10 coins maximum every day and earn 5% for 3 days on every dancer you collect.

Every zubee coin you find increases your chance of activating a mystery prize where you could win any of the 3 cash jackpots, zubees or percentage bonuses.

There are emerald hunter pages and treasure hunter pages as well. If you are a active surfer I highly recommend joining. You can also join zubee downlines and get referrals at the participating sites.

To view the sites participating in today's surf party and bonus site, Click Here