Viral Traffic Games

More than 290 traffic exchanges have the VTG game and you can promote your ads at these sites as an upgraded member. You can also earn cash by taking part in the weekly tournaments and build your downlines in multiple sites.

How Does It Work?

Surf in traffic exchanges and viral mailers that are participating. Once you find the VTG icon on the surf bar click on it and move your character to earn cash and advertising at the site you are surfing at. You will also earn points which can increase your level during the week and prizes will be awarded at the end of each week.

There are 4 tournaments every week.

VTG Surf League

Collect points while playing the VTG game at any VTG surf league site. Increase your rank in each tournament for higher prizes. You can win $1 - $5. Free members will get 1/3 of the prize.

Surf the 2 boost sites everyday to increase your points by 100%.

Diamond Tournament

Collect diamonds while surfing in the VTG game at participating sites to win cash prizes of $1 - $3. Collect 10 diamonds in 1 day to get a magic diamond. Each magic diamond you find is a ticket into the cash drawing.

Play the VTG game and collect magic items and beat opponents to increase your level every week.

If you surf traffic exchanges regularly I highly recommend you join and upgrade your account. You can easily get your investment back and get your ads displayed on all the 290 traffic exchanges that have VTG. Payments are sent on the 1st and 15th of every month. You do not have to be a heavy surfer to win cash prizes.

Here is a screenshot of my earnings

vtg earnings